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pandanda henry's blog
Henry's Favorites
pandanda henry's blog
Favorite Location:
Shady Glen at sunset
Favorite Color:
Definitely purple
Favorite Game:
Dragon's Revenge
Favorite Ice Cream:
I LOVE mint chip
pandanda henry's blog
pandanda henry's blog
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pandanda henry's blog
pandanda henry's blog
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Summon the Dragons! March 31st, 2011
After six months of Questing, the first pandas of Pandanda Land have reached Level 50! Achieving that milestone took an incredible amount of dedication. The pandas who reached Level 50 on Wednesday had completed quests every day since Quests began on September 30th, 2010.

And of course, reaching Level 50 was just the first bit of excitement for those pandas. The best was that they could now access the Dragon Quest! They bravely accepted the Quest from Questy, who sent them to talk to Trixie Trimble, that mysterious panda who makes potions for Paige. She gave them their Quest objectives and sent them along on their journey to summon their very own DRAGON!

Congratulations to the very first citizen of Pandanda to summon a dragon - Blowsight10!

These Super Questers were not far behind Blowsight10 in summoning their own dragons. Congratulations to these pandas for also reaching Level 50 and completing the Dragon Quests on Wednesday:

RainbowRacer Clones Lime12101 Drusilla
Penguitt BetaOmer Alvin
Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
For more photos and videos of the Dragon Quest, check out these Pandas' blogs on the Official Pandanda Blogroll!

There have already been more dragons summoned today, and more and more pandas will be summoning their dragons in the days, weeks, and months to come!

Keep on Questing!
pandanda henry's blog
Meet the Mods - Moonie March 30th, 2011
Hi Panda Pals! Congratulations to all the pandas who were able to Summon a Dragon today! I'll post more about that tomorrow but for now it's time for another round of Meet the Mods! Todayís Mod Questions and Answers are from Moderator Moonie. Moonie has been a Pandanda Moderator for a very long time!

Do you have any Dragons?
ē Yes, I have four. Red, Yellow, Green and Black. Their names are Marlo, King, Echo, and Tana (named after my kids' nicknames and my dogs)

What is your treehouse like?
ē Colorful with lots of pets and plants.

Pandanda virtual world online free
																																games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
What is your favorite Outfit?
ē I like the Monster Head the best. Itís something I can wear with my awesome Mod shirt. Put that with the right pair of shoes and youíve got one stylish Mod!

What is your favorite Color?
ē Red

Which minigame is your favorite?
ē Dragons Revenge of course. It's the best game ever! I often log in when I'm not scheduled to work, just to play!

Would you rather chase Bunnies or hunt Ghosts?
ē Bunnies. The freezing ghosts always get me, so I'm frozen most of the time when Iím hunting for ghosts. I usually have a low score for ghost catching and a high score for bunny catching.

What was your favorite Festival?
ē The Summer Festival, it's my favorite time of year. Opening Coconut beach a few days before the festival was perfect timing. It gave us a great place to hang out and catch some rays.

What is your favorite Quest?
ē I like all of Tammy's quests, they have interesting graphics, animations and flowers.

What is your favorite room in Pandanda?
ē I like Darby Field because it's fun to take a break and catch bunnies, then get back to chatting.

What is the best thing about being a Moderator?
ē All the cool kids you get to meet.

What is the hardest thing about being a Moderator?
ē Making sure everyone feels included in the conversation. Also, itís a bit of a bummer when I leave and the pandas I thought were nice start acting up.

What do you like to do when you are not Moderating?
ē I mostly hang out with my kids. I like being a ďSoccer MomĒ.

What makes you smile in Pandanda?
ē When the kids are helpful to me and other pandas.

Is there anything else you would like to say to Pandanda land?
ē I canít add anyone to my friends list, but I would if I could. Iíll remember you because I have a really good memory.

Rock on Red Pandas!
Moonie the Moderator
pandanda henry's blog
Level 50 VERY Soon! March 28th, 2011
The excitement to see who will reach Level 50 first is really growing! Super Questers are anxious to take to the skies on the backs of their very own dragons! I have a feeling weíll start seeing dragons flying overhead on Wednesday. We may need to add some air traffic control!

Watch my blog on Thursday to find out who reached Level 50 first, as well as to see the names of the other Super Questers who reached Level 50 on Wednesday. Go Questers, Go!

Party on, Pandas!
pandanda henry's blog
Free Elite Member Day Saturday! March 24th, 2011
Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
Hi Friends!

Pandanda is hosting another exciting Free Elite Member Day this Saturday, March 26th!

That means everyone who logs in on Saturday will have full access to all of Pandanda's Elite Membership features! You can use your Pandanda coins to buy anything in the Pandanda Collection clothes catalog! Or purchase any furniture in the House & Tree catalog and unlock your tree house to have friends over! You can even adopt a pet dragon!

This event is for one day only starting on Saturday at 12:01am PST and ending Saturday at 11:59pm PST so don't miss out!

*Non-Elite Members will get to keep all the Elite items purchased Saturday but will not be able to use them after Saturday without an Elite Membership, or on future Free Elite Member Days. Dragon eggs will remain in your tree house, and will hatch later in the week.
pandanda henry's blog
Player Card Contest Winner! March 23rd, 2011
Hey everyone!

We received a LOT of really great entries for the Player Card Drawing Contest! It was great to see so many people participating and sending in their awesome artwork!

But there can only be 1 winner and although it was a really difficult decision, the winner is : firefly125
Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
Congratulations to firefly125 who has been awarded 200 Panda Gold, 5000 Panda Power, and a Pandanda 3 month Elite Membership Gift Certificate! Our artists will work to prepare a vector based version that will go in the game in April and be available for everyone to purchase.

Special thanks to everyone who entered!

pandanda henry's blog
Welcome to Spring Party Review! March 21st, 2011
The snows have all melted and the flowers are blooming. Spring has sprung! I had a great time welcoming spring to Pandanda with all of my friends on Saturday. I even brought Raphael and Phoenix out for the fun. Little Phoenix had to flap his wings hard to keep up with Raphael, but he didnít mind!

During my visits, I decided to turn some games of Bunny Chase and Ghosts of Misty Hill into REAL contests by awarding Panda Gold to the 1st place pandas! There were a couple of special rules for the times we played for Gold - 1) No potions, and 2) You can only win once a day. It was awesome to see everyone cooperating and having fun!

The pandas who won Panda Gold for playing Bunny Chase with me on Saturday were PANDSWEROU, Jayy124cp, KASPERSKY, Sandano, Febiana124, Sherman98cp, nic883, razvanff, Gvido and rossey22.

The pandas who won Panda Gold for playing Ghosts of Misty Hill with me were Tomfalls3, Persiikata, Pandagelu, adelin319, Chelios, ggutev, Pami9, Sk8terguy277, jb1234, RanRan, and Alison1789.

Each of those players got 50 Panda Gold added to their accounts! Donít worry if you didnít get to play on Saturday. There will be more chances to play and win coming up!

Check out these pictures from my visits! Iíll be adding more to the Welcome to Spring album on Facebook later today. You can see the album here, even if you donít have a Facebook account!

pandanda henry's blog
St. Patrickís Day Review March 18th, 2011
It was great to see so many of you dressed in green yesterday for St. Patrickís Day. I had fun visiting, chatting, and Irish dancing with you, and Raphael enjoyed the chance to spread his wings and fly around in the warmer weather.

I snapped a few pictures during my visit (I had to snap VERY carefully when I was riding Raphael!) and posted them in an album on Facebook. Iíve included one of the pictures below. You can see the rest of the pictures here, even if you donít have a Facebook account.
Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
The Player Card Drawing Contest judges are looking at all of the entries that were sent in. We really have a hard job ahead of us to pick one winner, because there are so many awesome drawings! I will announce the Grand Prize winner next Wednesday, right here on my blog.

See you tomorrow at the Welcome Spring Party!
pandanda henry's blog
Welcome to Spring Party! March 17th, 2011
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your clover t-shirts. If you missed yours today you will still be able to get one if you log in before Saturday!

The weather has been warming up in Pandanda, and only a little bit of snow is left. The official First Day of Spring is Sunday, so letís celebrate with a Welcome Spring Party this Saturday!

Join me and my dragons, Raphael and Phoenix, for a day full of Spring Fun! I will be visiting at 12:01 AM and 11:00 AM Pandanda Time (Pacific Daylight Time). The Pandanda Team worked hard on updating the list of times below, but since some parts of the world are in Daylight Saving Time, while other parts are not, please check your time carefully! To see the current time in Pandanda you can check the home page at www.Pandanda.com, as well as the clock on the calendar inside Pandanda.

Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
I have something new and fun planned for my visits on Saturday, but I canít tell you what it is yet. Youíll just have to party with me to find out. And it wouldnít hurt if you brushed up on your bunny and ghost hunting skills!

See you on Saturday!
pandanda henry's blog
Shamrocks and Spring March 15th, 2011
Wow, Iíve already spotted some of you with Zing Ballyhooís first prize! You are some dedicated Golden Ticket-collecting pandas! I wonder if Zing is going with an Irish theme this time. I guess we will find out more next week, when he reveals his 2nd prize.

Speaking of Irish, donít forget to wear green on Thursday for St. Patrickís Day. Everyone who logs in on Thursday will get a special gift. Want a hint about what it will be? Ok, listen carefullyÖ. it will have a St. Patrickís Day theme. Hahaha! Good hint, huh? Youíll just have to log in Thursday to see for yourself!

Itís your last chance to get your drawings in for the Player Card Drawing Contest. The deadline for your entries is 11:59 pm Pacific Time (Pandanda Time) on Wednesday. Any entries received after that will not be entered into the contest. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 23rd in my blog.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the Welcome to Spring Party on Saturday! I will make some scheduled visits during the day. I will have more information about the Party soon!

Party on, Pandas!
Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
pandanda henry's blog
Zing Returns on Monday! March 11th, 2011
I heard from Zing Ballyhoo the other day, and he is excited to be returning to Pandanda on Monday! He wouldnít give me any clues to what his prizes will be this time, but said he thinks everyone will really like them. Watch for his tent to be set up at Tree House Lobby this weekend. I bet Questy will be happy to have Zing back to share the Lobby with him!

You can start collecting Golden Tickets after Zing arrives on Monday, March 14 at 12:01am Pandanda Time. Once you have 10 Golden Tickets, you can trade them to Zing for his first prize. I canít wait!

You still have time to get your entries in for the Player Card Drawing Contest. The deadline for submitting your drawings is Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. You can find complete rules and instructions here or click on Player Card Contest at the top of the blog. The Grand Prize winner will have their design turned into an actual player card background to be used in Pandanda! They will also receive a 3-month Elite Membership Gift Certificate, 5000 Panda Power, and 200 Panda Gold. Show us your best drawings!

Party on, Pandas!
pandanda henry's blog
New Payment Options for Memberships March 8th, 2011
Hey everyone!

There has been a lot of requests from our players for more payment options when buying Elite Memberships. Well, we've just added a TON of new options for you! Now, when you visit the Elite Membership Sign-Up page you'll see new payment methods for Ultimate Game Card and PayByCash. Here's a sample of the payment methods now available.
Pandanda online game for kids http://www.pandanda.com

Payment methods will vary based on your location but this will provide lots more options for our international players! Check out the Elite Membership Sign-Up page and select PayByCash to see all the new payment methods!

pandanda henry's blog
Super Questers meet DRAGON!! March 7th, 2011
I had a great time partying with all of the Super Questers at Level 40 and above on Saturday! I was especially excited about giving them the first look at the rideable dragon from the Level 50 Quest. I think everyone was a bit nervous at the thought of meeting a huge dragon, but once Raphael appeared, it was clear that he was nothing to be afraid of!

After the Level 40 party was over, I took Raphael around to some of the other servers, to give even more pandas the chance to see him. He was really happy to be able to spead his wings and fly all over Pandanda. In case you missed it on Saturday, Iíve attached a few pictures at the end of this update.

Donít forget, tomorrow is Mardi Gras Color Day! Wear your purple, green, gold, and yellow colors to celebrate this fun day. Zingís Joker background, hat, mask, and shirt are perfect for Mardi Gras! You can even use Panda Paint to make your whole panda a Mardi Gras color! Laissez les bon temps rouler - let the good times roll!
Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
Pandanda virtual world online games for kids http://www.pandanda.com
pandanda henry's blog
Level 40 Party and High Flying Sneak Peek! March 4th, 2011
Pandanda online game for kids http://www.pandanda.com
Itís a bird, itís a plane, itís ÖÖHenry on a dragon? Yep, it will be Saturday, when Pandanda Land finally gets a look at the rideable dragon that is coming up soon in the High Flying Adventure Quest!

The Super Questers who have reached Level 40 and above will be the first to see the flying dragon during the Exclusive Level 40 Party tomorrow, Saturday at 11am Pandanda Time, on Palm server. I am really looking forward to celebrating your awesome Questing skills at the party! Make sure to have your cameras ready to get pictures of the dragon in action. Itíll be his first time to be around a crowd of pandas, but donít worry - heís well trained!

Saturday afternoon, after the Level 40 party, I will be flying around to visit other Pandanda servers with the dragon. You never know where and when I might drop from the skies on my dragon!

I hope everyone is working on their drawings for the Player Card Drawing Contest. Your entries have started to arrive, and they are looking great! Remember to read the rules carefully, and get your drawings in by the end of the day on Wednesday, March 16th. You can send in more than one drawing, just make sure it is your very best work!

Here are the times around the world for the Level 40 Party tomorrow. Hope to see you there!
Pandanda online game for kids http://www.pandanda.com
pandanda henry's blog
Player Card Drawing Contest March 2nd, 2011
Today, I am excited to announce the first contest of 2011 - The Player Card Drawing Contest!

This contest is to design and submit a drawing of a player card background using the template provided. We are leaving the theme open so that you can draw anything you think would make a great background, while still following the rules, of course. We recommend you use the template, as it shows the placement of where the Panda image appears on top of the Player Card and how it will cover the design.

For hand drawn entries we suggest that you first print a copy of the template, and then create your drawing on that. Hand drawn images will need to be scanned into your computer or turned into a digital picture using a digital camera so they can be emailed to us.
Fun ganes for kids
Click on the image for the template.

All entries must be emailed to us in the format of a digital image (in one of the following formats: jpg, gif, tiff, bmp, pdf, png). Entries that are not in one of those formats will be disqualified.


There will be one Grand Prize:
The Grand Prize winner will have their design turned into an actual player card background by our graphic artists to be used in the game, and will also receive
  • a 3-month Elite Membership Gift Certificate
  • 5000 Panda Power
  • 200 Panda Gold
The _really_ cool part is that the winning design will feature the winning Panda's name on the card - which could even make your Panda pretty famous - who knows? The winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 23rd in my blog, and the new Player Card Background will be available for purchase in the next Pandanda Collection clothes catalog.

To submit your drawing (have your parent or guardian help you):
  1. Read and obey the rules. Entering the competition means that you and your parent/guardian agree to the rules. If you are under 13 years old, please ask your parent or guardian to review them with you, along with our website terms of use specifically with regard to the use of submissions you send to us.

  2. Ask your parent or guardian to email your drawing to contest@pandanda.com from their email address, the one they used when they signed you up for Pandanda. Your entry MUST come from the email address that we have on file for your Pandanda account.

  3. Type the words "Player Card Drawing Contest" in the subject line of the email.

  4. Type your Panda name in the text of the email for example "Panda Name: Paige."

  5. Do NOT include your real name, house address or phone number.

  6. Email your entry for Pandanda to receive it no later than Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time (PST).

A complete list of contest rules can be found here.

I can't wait to see all of your designs,
pandanda henry's blog
March Merriment! March 1st, 2011
The winter snows are melting in Pandanda, and spring is on its way! March is going to be full of colorful and exciting parties and events to help clear away any winter doldrums that might still be hanging around.

Letís get things started with a contest! Itís time for you to show your creativity and design a Player Card Background. The contest will start on Wednesday, March 2nd. Iíll have all the details and rules in my Blog tomorrow.

The next big event will be this Saturday, with an exclusive party for Elite Questers who have reached Level 40 and above. Starting at 11:00 am Pandanda Time on Saturday, March 5th, I will be celebrating with those dedicated Questers on a private server. And yes, I will give them a sneak peek at the High Flying Adventure! Watch my blog later this week for a chart with party times around the world, as well as the name of the server we will be partying on. I canít wait!

After the Level 40 party ends on Saturday, if you keep your eyes open and watch the Pandanda skies, you may get your own chance to see me flying on my dragon!

Mark your calendar for these other March events:
  • Tuesday, March 8th - Mardi Gras Celebration. Dress in purple, gold/yellow, and green.
  • Monday, March 14th - Zing Ballyhoo returns with his Golden Tickets and prizes.
  • Thursday, March 17th - St. Patrickís Day with gift. Wear green, so you wonít get pinched!
  • Saturday, March 19th - Welcome Spring Party. I will visit Pandanda to party with you!
  • Saturday, March 26th - Free Elite Member Day.
I hope you are as excited about March as I am! Itís going to be a marvelous month!