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pandanda henry's blog
pandanda henry's blog
Henry's Favorites
pandanda henry's blog
Favorite Location:
Shady Glen at sunset
Favorite Color:
Definitely purple
Favorite Game:
Dragon's Revenge
Favorite Ice Cream:
I LOVE mint chip
pandanda henry's blog
pandanda henry's blog
Blog Archives
pandanda henry's blog
pandanda henry's blog
Halloween Party! October 29th, 2010
Hey Pandas!

You all made Orange Day great! The Pandanda Team is busy making the slide show from the awesome pictures you sent in. I can’t wait until it is ready!

Orange Day was just a warm up for our next party - Halloween! We will party all day on Sunday, October 31. Wear your favorite costumes, play “Hide and Go BOO!” with your friends, collect candy, and look for the special Secret Prize hidden somewhere in Pandanda Land. It could be like finding a needle in a haystack! And keep your eyes open for me! I will be making a surprise visit sometime during the day on Halloween.
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Have you seen the new Birthday Cake hats? If your panda is at least one year old in Pandanda, you can visit Fitch in the Clothing Co. on East Market Street to get this cool gift. There will be a new gift for each year of your panda’s age. What a great way to celebrate your Pandanda birthday! Party on!
pandanda henry's blog
Pandanda or PUMPKINdanda? October 26th, 2010
Hey everyone!

Halloween will be here soon. Let’s show we are ready for it by turning Pandanda orange like a jack-o’-lantern for a day! This Thursday, October 28th, all day long, I want to see orange pandas everywhere! Remember, everyone can buy orange Panda Paint from Fitch at Clothing Co. on East Market Street. You can find Panda Paint on the first page of the Pandanda Collection catalog - it’s a bargain at just 50 coins!

Don’t have any orange clothes? Collect candy and visit the Cauldron of Prizes on West Market Street for the Pumpkin Costume and Pumpkin Beanie. And don’t forget the Halloween tee shirts in the Pandanda Collection catalog.

Make sure to take some pictures of you and your friends partying in orange. Be creative with your pictures - ‘zoom in’ on the action, do cutouts, make cool patterns and formations with your friends, show off your orange!

After the party, send your best pictures to with ORANGE in the email subject line, and I will select some for a slideshow on the Preview page! Your pictures should be about 640 pixels wide by 411 pixels high to look the best in the slideshow. You can even suggest a fun caption to go with your image.

I can’t wait to see them!
pandanda henry's blog
Pandanda Anniversary Wrap Up! October 25th, 2010
Hi Panda Friends!

What a great 1st Anniversary Party we had yesterday! It was awesome to see so many of my friends having fun and celebrating each time I made a surprise visit. We chatted about our Quests Levels and how much Halloween candy we had collected, we danced all over the map, and even had a bunch of Henry Hunts - wow, you pandas are great at that! The 1st Anniversary tee shirts looked so cool on everyone.

We are planning some great things for our second year that I think you will really like! Gotta keep them a secret for now, but I’ll be telling you more about them soon. Coming up this week and next week, the Pumpkin Festival is still going on, and then there will be a Halloween party on Sunday, followed by a free gift giveaway for your Panda to celebrate the Day of The Dead next Monday and Tuesday. Watch my blog for more information about those events!

Here are just a few pictures of all the fun we had during the 1st Anniversary Party. Enjoy!
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Pandanda virtual world online free
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Pandanda virtual world online free
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pandanda henry's blog
Pandanda 1st Anniversary Celebration! October 20th, 2010
Pandanda online game for kids

Hey Pandas!

Come help us celebrate Pandanda’s 1 year Anniversary this Sunday, October 24th, all day long!

Wow, it’s hard to believe it has only been one year since Launch Day in Pandanda. It has been an incredible year, full of exciting new locations, events, and QUESTS! This will be a great day to share your memories of fun times on Pandanda with your friends, take pictures among the Anniversary decorations, and get Year 2 off to an awesome start. And, of course, you can work on Quests and keep on collecting Halloween candy!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention - Everyone who logs in during the 1st Anniversary Celebration will receive a special Anniversary gift! What is it, you ask? You’ll just have to log in on Sunday to find out!
pandanda henry's blog
Pumpkin Festival Begins! October 15th, 2010
Pandanda online game for kids
Hey Everyone!

The Pandanda Pumpkin Festival is underway and there's so much going on! The Pandanda townsfolk have put up their Halloween decorations and festival music can be heard drifting through the air.

Halloween Candy has been scattered throughout Pandanda for you to find. Collect enough candy and you can trade it for fun and spooky items from the Cauldron of Prizes on West Market Street.

Fitch got a new shipment of awesome Halloween Costumes which have been added to The Pandanda Collection clothes catalog at Clothing Co. off East Market Street.

Visit Farmer Ned in Harvest Grove to purchase some really cool pumpkins that you can place in your tree house!

Extra Quests have been added during the Pumpkin Festival! Stop by the Haunted House on Misty Hill to get started!

Wow! This is definitely one of my favorite Festivals! Have fun!
pandanda henry's blog
Pandas Reach Level 10 in Quests! Wow! October 14th, 2010
Yesterday was an exciting day for Pandanda Quests.

Congratulations to the very first Panda to reach Level 10 - Blowsight10!
Blowsight10 has completed every available Quest since Quests began on September 30. Talk about dedication!

I would also like to recognize the other Pandas who reached Level 10 on Wednesday:


Great work, all of you! Keep on Questing!
pandanda henry's blog
Show Off Your Questing Skills! October 12th, 2010
Hi Everyone!

We made a few updates to Pandanda last night that I think you’ll like. Elite Members now have expanded closet space, just in time for the Pumpkin Festival. Also, when you check out someone’s player card, not only will you see their Quest Level, you’ll also see how many Quests they have completed. It’s a great way to compare your Quest accomplishments with your friends!
pandanda henry's blog
Pumpkin Festival Begins Friday! October 11th, 2010
Hi Pandas!

Wow, what an awesome Level 5 Party we had Saturday! I was able to meet so many of my friends and I made new friends, too. I also got to give out the really cool Level 5 hoodie, and it looks great on you all. Don’t worry, if you were not able to make it to the party on Saturday, you will be able to get the Level 5 hoodie at a later date. Keep watching my blog for more info.

Zing Ballyhoo has left us once again to journey to the South. He will gather more of his Zing-tastic prizes, and return to Pandanda Land on Monday, November 15th. We all miss him when he goes, but it’s great to know that he will be back again soon.

Lots of exciting things coming up in Pandanda this month, so mark your calendars! The Pumpkin Festival begins this Friday, October 15th. Then, Pandanda will celebrate the 1st Anniversary of our launch on Sunday, October 24th. Finally, the month of October ends with - what else? - Halloween! I’ll have more information on these events soon.

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Pandanda online game for kids
Pandanda online game for kids
pandanda henry's blog
Level 5 Exclusive Party - More Info! October 8th, 2010
Pandanda online game for kids
Hey Questers!

This Saturday we will be having our exclusive Level 5 and above party with me, Henry! So many of you have been working so hard to level up, that we just might have to party on TWO servers!! If server “Palm” fills up, watch for server “Elm” to open. Only pandas who are at Level 5 or above on their Quests will be able to log into those servers on Saturday.

Every panda who attends the party will be the first to get an exclusive VIP Level 5 Hoodie to wear - just right for the cooler weather in Pandanda! The party is at 10:30am Pacific Daylight Savings Time on Saturday, October 9, 2010. I’ve included a table of times from around the world below, so everyone will know what time the party is where they live. You don’t want to miss it!
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pandanda henry's blog
New Clothes Catalog Friday! October 6th, 2010
Hey everyone!

You may have noticed on the Pandanda Calendar that there will be a new Pandanda Collection clothes catalog available this Friday, October 8th! This one's packed with the latest fall fashions along with some Halloween tees. There are even some Level specific items to let the higher Level Pandas stand out.

Fitch from the Clothing Co. also said he expected a shipment of Halloween costumes to arrive in time for the Pumpkin Festival!

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pandanda henry's blog
Level 5 Exclusive Party! October 4th, 2010
Pandanda online game for kids
Hello Pandas!

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback about how much you have been enjoying the new quests. So have I! Some of you have been working very hard to increase your level so I have an exciting announcement for those that are quickly leveling up.

This coming Saturday, October 9th, there will be an exclusive Level 5 and above party with me, Henry, on a special server. Look for the server "Palm" on Saturday which will only allow Pandas Level 5 and above to log in. If you are part of the small exclusive group of people who will make at least Level 5 by this Saturday then you will get to party with me in my tree house, have personal photos taken, and best of all … everyone coming to the party will be the first to get an exclusive VIP Level 5 Hoodie!

The party starts this Saturday, 10:30am Pandanda Time. I hope to see you there!
pandanda henry's blog
Quests are Here! September 30th, 2010
Pandanda online game for kids
Hi Pandas, Quests have arrived in Pandanda! I'm so excited to share this fun new feature with all of you!

Here are some highlights about what is new:
  • You can do Quests every day!
  • There is a great new display in the upper left corner of the screen to show your Level and your Panda's progress to the next level.
  • The yellow 'Q' at the bottom of your screen is where you can find your Quest Log. It's fabulous for helping you keep track of all your active quests.
  • Your player card now show's your Panda's level!
  • Farmer Ned's Barn is now open. You can get there from the map or out through the back of Harvest Grove.
  • There are tons of new quest items!
Log in now to check out all these awesome new features!

If you need help getting started, check out the new Quest FAQ in the help section of the website.
pandanda henry's blog
Quests Update! September 28th, 2010
Pandanda online game for kids Hey everyone!

Now that I've given you 3 sneak peeks of Quests over the past several weeks, I have a HUGE announcement that I think everyone will be excited about!

Quest are coming to Pandanda this week!

Keep an eye on my blog for notice of the official launch of Quests in the next few days!
pandanda henry's blog
Free Elite Member Day Today! September 25th, 2010
Hey Pandas,

Free Elite Member Day is here! Everyone can enjoy all the Elite Membership features all day today, Saturday, September 25th!
pandanda henry's blog
Quests Sneak Peek Part 3! September 23rd, 2010
Hey Pandas!

This is part 3 of the Quests sneak peek. Make sure to read parts 1 and 2 below if you haven't already. Today I'll be talking about the Quest Log and Player Card changes.

Pandanda online game for kids

As I mentioned in part 1, each day you'll find Pandas that have quests for you to do. That Panda will tell you what you need to do in order to complete the quest. But what if you're in the middle of a quest and you're not sure what to do next? You can open up your Quest Log! It's a helpful tool for keeping track of all your active quests.

Once you've accepted a quest, it will go into your Quest Log. There you can view the details of all your currently active quests, what you need to do for each quest, and quickly see how much you've already done. The Quest Log will hold up to 5 quests at a time and you can open it from the menu bar whenever you need help or just want to see the progress of your quests. Of course you can also talk to the Panda that gave you the quest for more information.

Your Panda's level is really important and there will be a new display to show you your Panda's level and how close you are to the next level. Your Panda's level will also be listed on your Player Card for others to see.

pandanda henry's blog

P.S. Don't forget Free Elite Member Day starts this Saturday!

pandanda henry's blog
Free Elite Member Day This Saturday! September 20th, 2010
pandanda henry's blog
Hi Pandas,

Pandanda is hosting a Free Elite Member Day this Saturday, September 25th!

That means everyone who logs in on Saturday will have full access to all of Pandanda's Elite Membership features! You can use your Pandanda coins to buy anything in the Pandanda Collection clothes catalog! Or purchase any furniture in the House & Tree catalog and unlock your tree house to have friends over! You can even adopt a pet dragon!

This event is for one day only starting on Saturday at 12:01am PDT and ending Saturday at 11:59pm PDT so don't miss out!

*Non-Elite Members will get to keep all the Elite items purchased Saturday but will not be able to use them after Saturday without an Elite Membership.

pandanda henry's blog
Quests Sneak Peek Part 2! September 15th, 2010
Hey everyone!

This week I'll continue the Quests sneak peek and talk about Panda Power and Levels! Remember from the last sneak peek I told you there are rewards for quests? Well, every quest will reward you with coins and Panda Power. These are the same coins you can get from mini-games, fishing, or collecting items, and can be spent on clothing, furniture, potions, or pets. But what about Panda Power?

pandanda great games for kids

Panda Power represents the prestige and acknowledgement you get for doing quests and helping out the citizens of Pandanda Land. Your Panda's Level indicates your fame and popularity with these Pandas. Earning Panda Power is important because it is the only way to increase your Panda's Level. As your Panda's Level increases, new items and other benefits will become available for your Panda.

Next week, I'll talk about the Quest Log!
pandanda henry's blog
Zing Returns on Monday! September 10th, 2010
Pandanda online game for kids Hey Pandas,

Zing Ballyhoo is headed back to Pandanda! He'll be arriving late Sunday night with fabulous prizes in his giant gold suitcases. His tent is already set up in the Treehouse Lobby and some say they've heard sounds coming from inside as Zing arranges his prizes and prepares to see all his wonderful Panda friends again.

Zing has placed tickets all over Pandanda for you to collect and exchange for his prizes. You can find tickets on the ground in every location, except your tree house. Whether you're wandering around or just hanging out with your friends, you'll notice
tickets appearing on the ground. Just be sure to grab them before they disappear! Once you've collected 10 tickets, go visit Zing in the Treehouse Lobby to trade them for a prize!

I'm really excited to see what prizes he has this time!

In other news, the Pandanda calendar has been updated with another Free Elite Member Day on September 25! Keep an eye on my blog for more details as this event as it gets closer.
pandanda henry's blog
Quests Sneak Peek! September 8th, 2010
Hey everyone!

I am thrilled to share with you the first of several sneak peeks that will be coming out over the next several weeks, all about Quests!

I'm sure you're all familiar with the many citizens in Pandanda Land already. You can easily spot them because they have a blue "!" over their heads. Fishy Joe will sell you a fishing pole and buy fish from you, Fitch at the Clothing Co. has catalogs where you can buy clothing, and you can sell any vegetables you've collected to Tammy on East Market Street. Once quests are introduced, many of these same Pandas will have quests for you.

When a Pandanda citizen needs your help with something, you will see a yellow "Q" above their head. This indicates that they have a quest available and will reward you for your help if you complete it. These Pandas typically only need help with one quest each day and not all Pandas will need your help every day.

Once you've accepted a quest you'll see a blue "Q" over the Panda's head. The "Q" will turn green after you've completed all the quest's objectives letting you know you can talk to the Panda and collect your reward. "What's the reward?" you ask? Well, I'll save that for another sneak peek!

pandanda great games for kids

pandanda henry's blog
Last Weekend of Harvest Festival September 3rd, 2010
Hey Pandas,

This is the last weekend to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Harvest Festival. Make sure you've traded in your caramel apples for Farmer Ned's fantastic prizes by Sunday night at midnight!

In other news, starting next week, I'll be giving a sneak peek of some exciting new changes coming to Pandanda!

It's going to be awesome!
pandanda great games for kids

pandanda henry's blog
pandanda henry's blog
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