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Welcome to Pandanda.com! We created this virtual world community for your kids to have a safe and fun place to play online. We take safety very seriously and we want you to be assured that it is our top priority.

There is so much fun in store for your child when they sign up to play Pandanda. They get to create an online character (a very cute red panda), decorate their own tree house, collect treasures, win awards, play games to earn virtual “coins”, and chat with other Panda’s in a controlled environment. They also can express themselves by customizing their own player card and dressing their character. Your child can enjoy an even more fun experience by becoming an Elite Member which allows them to adopt pets, spend their coins on clothes and furniture, and gain access to member only virtual locations.

We are committed to making Pandanda a valuable, positive, and safe place to play online and we would love for your child to join us in Pandanda Land.

  • You, the parent are involved from the very start of the registration process. When your child signs up with us we require them to enter a valid parent’s email address so that we can notify you that they have created an account with us. You will receive an email asking your to verify your email address and approve the account. Players will be limited to Safe Chat mode until you verify your email address.

Safety and Privacy
  • Social interaction in Pandanda is intended to be anonymous. You child is not allowed to exchange personal information with others and beside your email address during registration; we will never ask your child for personally identifiable information. We do not share your email address, but do store it as a way to identify your child’s account details. Please review our privacy policy for a complete statement of our privacy practices.
  • When your child registers they are asked to create a user name for their Panda. This name should never be your child’s real name or include anything that could personally identify your child. As you review the account details in the email we send you to notify you of your child’s interest in playing Pandanda we strongly encourage you to carefully check the user name they have created and make sure it is appropriately anonymous.
  • In addition to a user name the only other information we request is the creation of a password to protect the account. This password can be updated at any time. Your child’s password should never be shared with anyone other than you, the parent.
  • Your child will be required to agree to the Pandanda Rules when they create their account. These rules govern the proper behavior expected of the players in Pandanda. We frequently review chat logs to be sure players are abiding by these rules. Penalties for breaking these rules can include permanent banning.

Chat Types
  • There are two types of chat in Pandanda, Safe Chat and Standard Filtered Chat. Both types of chat are designed to provide a safe chatting experience and you will have the opportunity to select the level of chat desired when the account is created. You may change this setting at any time. Here is an overview of each type:

    Safe Chat:
    • Players can choose words and phrases explicitly approved by the Pandanda Team from a pre-determined list. This means they will not be allowed to type their own messages. Players in Safe Chat mode will only be able to see messages from other players using Safe Chat mode. This is the highest level of protection while still allowing your child to express themselves.

    Standard Filtered Chat:
    • Players may type their own messages, but all messages are filtered to prevent inappropriate words and phrases as well as personal information from being shared. Although precautions are in place to protect your child from offensive chat, comments you might find offensive may occasionally get through. So in addition to our filter, the Pandanda team will be monitoring the chat and players who participate in inappropriate chat will be silenced or banned permanently.

Chat Policy
  • Chat logs are regularly reviewed by our staff and this is done strictly to keep our chat environment safe. Our word filter is updated occasionally to block or allow new words and phrases. The information in these logs is used for no other purpose then to improve the safety of the chat in Pandanda and to make sure that players aren't engaging in inappropriate conversation. These chat logs are not used in any other way and we do not save or store private information.
  • If your child feels that another player is misbehaving or bothering them they can click on that player’s Panda and choose “ignore” from the menu. This will remove that player from their experience. They may un-ignore a player at any time.
  • If your child feels that another player is engaging in inappropriate behavior that breaks one of the Pandanda Rules they may choose to “report” that player. To do this they can click on that player’s Panda and select the “report” circle. If a player is reported to the Pandanda Team we will review the chat at the time of the incident and take reasonable action to discipline the offender. Depending on the offense a player may be banned from the site.

For additional information please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You may also want to review our Safety Online section as well. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail us at websupport@pandanda.com. We will respond as quickly as possible, but please allow at least 48 hours for a written response.

Thank you for your interest in Pandanda. We hope your child will have a wonderful time playing Pandanda.

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